Look Away from Jeb Bush Trying to Chest-Bump Someone, the Saddest Sight of All Time 


I can’t watch. I can’t do it.

As what our brother site Gawker has aptly termed Jeb Bush’s Ongoing National Humiliation continues, it’s becoming truly painful to witness. Bush says he’ll chest bump any “convert” who decides to support him and his deeply unconvincing “I’m having a blast” platform.

No, Jeb. Stop. Stop lying to us. To yourself. To the crowd of campaign reporters who you offered to also chest bump— “Anytime you guys want to try a chest bump, I’m all in”— and who then looked at you in uneasy silence before drifting away en masse.

Here it is from another angle:

It’s too sad and I can’t stand it.

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Bush campaigns at a Coca Cola bottling plant in Iowa, November 11, 2015. Photo via AP Images

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