Lost Finale Clue In Final Cast Photo


The final Lost cast photo has been released, and supposedly contains a clue to the finale. Titled “Final Flight,” the picture features someone who’s died and is missing one very important character. What does it mean!? We have a theory!

From left, Frank Lapidus, Ilana (who blew up last week), Richard Alpert, Ben, Sayid, Sun, Mocke (or Locke?), Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Jin, Hurley, and Miles. Missing from the photo is Desmond, who was featured prominently in both the original timeline and the sideways timeline in the past two episodes.

We know that Mocke has a plan to “leave” the Island using the Ajira plane. (Whether he really intends on flying away or merely committing a mass suicide is unclear.) The fact that Ilana no longer even has a body intact in which she can be reincarnated (with an “infection”?) is puzzling, but Desmond’s absence is pretty significant. It’s been said that he has to make a “sacrifice.” Could it be that his sacrifice is his own life? My guess is no, mainly because they can’t kill off Desmond because it would piss me off too much. What seems clear is that he will not be boarding that plane with the rest of the Losties. Maybe his sacrifice is that he will stay alive. Perhaps he’s the person who will enable everyone to leave, as he was the person who enabled them to all crash there to begin with. I think it will all have something to do with electromagnetism. So does this mean that everyone will have to put faith in that science?

Final ‘Lost’ cast photo released (pics) [THR]

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