Louisiana State Officials Tell Charter School to Cut the Shit with Its Stupid Pregnancy Test Policy


After the ACLU excoriated the Delhi Charter School’s awful pregnancy test policy, Louisiana state officials took their turn telling the school that it really needs to stop treating female students “suspected” of being pregnant as if they’re actually smuggling black tar heroin in their uteruses.

The Louisiana State Department of Education released a statement Tuesday night that requested the Delhi Charter School to “immediately revise” its pregnancy test policy. The state’s warning follows the ACLU’s characterization of the charter school’s policy as “a blatant violation of federal law and the U.S. constitution.” The Delhi Charter School, which is state-funded, didn’t immediately reply to state officials, though its principal, Chris Broussard, had said earlier that the school has already contracted lawyers to help it review its policy.

Louisiana school ordered to stop pregnancy tests on ‘suspect’ students [Guardian]

Image via Olga Drabovich/Shutterstock.

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