‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3’s Raven Should’ve Dumped SK’s Ass While She Could

After a dramatic altar breakup and cheating allegations from multiple women, the couple have officially called it quits.

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3’s Raven Should’ve Dumped SK’s Ass While She Could
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After the most chaotic and superficial third season of Netflix’s hit reality show Love Is Blind, which featured one too many man-children and insecurities galore, I felt like I definitely knew the answer to Nick and Vanessa Lachey’s once-tantalizing inquiry, “Is love truly blind?” In the end, only two couples ended up tying the knot, leaving three pairs to woefully accept that maybe love just has a worsening case of glaucoma. But in this season’s reunion episode, which aired on November 9, SK Alagbada and Raven Ross—whose breakup at the altar (SK hilariously answered “I do not”) was surprising, but understandable—revealed that they were happily dating after the show aired. That is, until this past Sunday: After a week’s worth of cheating allegations against SK, the couple announced that they had broken up and can’t speak on the matter further “due to on-going legal proceedings.”

For those of you itching to bring just one more tidbit of TV drama to the Thanksgiving table later this week, let’s catch you up: Alagbada and Ross were one of five Dallas-based newlywed-hopefuls who starred in Love is Blind’s third season. Despite their starkly different cultural backgrounds (he’s Nigerian-American, she’s American) and their practical incompatibilities (he’s going to Berkeley for business school, she’s a pilates instructor in Texas), the two ended up being one of my favorite couples of the season—if not out of process of elimination, because of the emotional maturity and patience that seemed to undergird their relationship. But much to his mother’s chagrin, Alagbada dumped Ross at the altar, explaining that while they loved each other, it just wasn’t “the right time.” Though heartbroken, Ross seemed to trust her ex-fiancé’s decision, saying it was “probably really hard for him” to say no. I admire Ross’s grace, but unfortunately, I am now doubtful.

“We are saddened to announce that we have decided to go our separate ways,” read the joint announcement, which was posted as an Instagram story. “Due to ongoing legal proceedings surrounding these allegations, we cannot provide additional details and ask that you please respect our privacy during this hard time.” The once-underdog couple went on to say: “Thank you for following our love story and believing in us. This journey has forever shaped our lives and we are so grateful for everyone who has been a part of it. Your love and support means everything.”

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The announcement comes after multiple cheating rumors cropped up last week made by two different women, both of whom claim to have dated Alagbada after LIB wrapped up filming in the summer of 2021. In a since-deleted video, the TikTok account @emmwho9 posted a video captioned, “Put a finger down if you went on a date in April with a guy from Hinge and then you see that he’s actually on the show Love Is Blind, and that he met you after the show was filmed, but is still with the same girl right now,” before putting her own finger down. A very niche experience indeed! She then later posted a video compiling her alleged texts with Alagbada, in which she responds to his many requests to see her with the same excitement you would a discount bot.


#greenscreenvideo at this point I’m team Raven 🤷🏾‍♀️ what do y’all think? Is SK caught up or nah? #receipts b4 she deletes it again 😩 #loveisblind #fyp #loveisblindnetflix #loveisblindseason3 #realitytv

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While the internet gawked, Ross seemed utterly unphased. In a TikTok Live from six days ago, she seemed to address the allegations, saying, “Rumors are rumors, and we’re fine. That’s my man, and I’m sticking beside him.”


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But her confidence seemed to falter after a second woman came forward about her own relationship with Alagbada. A TikTok user who goes by @hannahbethstyle posted an entire saga of her and Alagbada’s relationship: The two dated in 2019, then mutually broke up and stayed friends. Then, in July of 2021, Alagbada invited her on a trip to Ibiza, and by the looks of the time stamped photos she included, the two very much seemed to be dating. On the Madrid leg of their European getaway, the woman saw that someone was saved as “fiancé” in Alagbada’s phone. When she confronted him about it, Alagbada said that his relationship with Ross was “Just for the $ and they were friends only,” and continued to go on lavish getaways with her well into this year while also presumably dating Ross. It would appear that our man Alagbada is a cheating asshole of masterful proportions.


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While the “legal proceedings” the two have alluded to (can you sue someone for being a lying scumbag? How about a reality TV show for subjecting you to emotional trauma?) remain unclear, it seems like things between the two are truly over: Their couple photos have been wiped off social media, and yesterday, Ross reposted the following @trustgodbro quote onto her Instagram story: “Sometimes we need to thank God for what didn’t happen.”

She’s right, bro. Good fucking riddance to that guy.

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