Love Is Still Dead: Remembering Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's Whirlwind Tabloid Romance


This is the latest episode of Not a Phase, a weekly video series where Jezebel remembers some of the most delightfully cringe-worthy phases of a celebrity’s life, even though they would probably like us to forget.

A few sharp memories come into focus when I think back to 2002. I remember the massive zit I had on school picture day in 7th grade. I remember how cool I felt after buying Blink 182’s Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (no, I didn’t get it). And I remember watching Ben Affleck caress Jennifer Lopez’s ass in the “Jenny from the Block” music video over and over and over again. Because if there was one thing you couldn’t get away from in late 2002 through 2003, it was that damn video.

In it, Lopez and Affleck are under constant surveillance of paparazzi who won’t let them luxuriate on their yacht or lounge around their (curtainless?) apartment in peace. It was a reflection of their actual relationship, which was such a hot commodity that photos of them kissing in cars were worth $75,000. But as much as they lamented the invasiveness of the press, there’s evidence that—at times—Bennifer and the tabloids had a mutually beneficial relationship.

Here’s a look back at the couple who, in the span of their relatively short union, managed to make some truly awful movies together and popularized the celebrity couple portmanteau trend we use to this day.

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