Lululemon Founder Sorry He Said Your Fat Body Was Fucking Up His Pants


Last week, the co-founders of Lululemon, Chip and Shannon Wilson, went on Bloomberg TV to promote their stretchy pants and stuff. Instead, they ended up promoting the fact that they don’t know when to shut the fuck up.

During that interview, Chip ended up saying that new reports of pilling in the fabric could be due to the different body sizes of the women wearing the clothes and not anything to do with their “Full-On Luan”/magic material. “They don’t work for certain – some – women’s bodies,” Chip said. Now he’s sorry he is for saying that, as he explains in a video posted on YouTube account:

Hello, I’m Chip Wilson. I’m founder of Lululemon athletica. I’d like to talk to you today about the last few days of media that’s occurred around the Bloomberg interview. I’m sad. I’m really sad. I’m sad for the repercussions of my actions. I’m sad for the people at Lululemon who I care so much about, that have really had to face the brunt of my actions. I take responsibility for all that has occurred and the impact it has had on you. I’m sorry to have put you all through this. [VIDEO EDIT] For all of you that have made Lululemon what it is today, I ask you to stay in a conversation that is above the fray. [DEEP BREATH] I ask you to prove that the culture that you have built cannot be chipped away. Thank you.

The Huffington Post’s Maxwell Strachan wrote that after his original comment on Bloomberg, Shannon gave Chip “a death glare,” but having watched the video like a thousand times I can say that if she was giving him a death glare, it wasn’t because she disagreed with him but that she knew what the backlash would be to him opening his mouth. In any case, let’s all remember to #stayabovethefray #dontchipourcultureaway #livestrong #waitwhatcompanyarewetalkingaboutagain?

[h/t Business Insider]

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