Madonna on Kissing Drake: 'I Kissed a Girl, and I Liked It' (???)

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The weekend is over and we’re back to Monday, so why not kick off Dirt Bag with some Very Monday news? Just when you thought you were safe from hearing about it anymore, Madonna is once again talking about kissing Drake at Coachella.

Madge was participating in an Ask Anything Chat for Live with Romeo’s Saturday Night Online when Jamie from Philadelphia asked “the million dollar question”: “Is Drake a good kisser?” (Clip begins at 2:12.)

“I kissed a girl, and I liked it,” Madonna replied, perhaps addressing… Drake’s delicate flower persona? His greater likelihood of enrolling in college? The way his educators have neglected his STEM education?

Later, around 8:00, Madonna—feeling the audience’s attention wane—brought up Drake again. In response to “What advice would you give your younger self knowing what you know now?,” she—topping off her rosé (just like me while writing this Dirt Bag)—responded, “Don’t kiss Drake no matter how many times he begs you to.”

Great. Now we’re both drunk.


Mama June of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, no longer raking in that TLC money after reuniting (and since separating) with her sex offender ex-boyfriend, is looking for new ways to make cash. Later this month, June will appear at Crazy Horse Gentlemen’s Club in Pompano Beach for a clothes-on appearance. According to TMZ, she “will pocket $5,500 for the meet and great with fans, and get VIP treatment — including first class airfare and deluxe hotel accommodations.” [TMZ]

Japan’s Narita International Airport knew Taylor Swift was trouble when she walked in (sorrrrrry) this Sunday and caused a fan mob that ended up delaying flights. Video shows Swift arriving in Tokyo (where she’s kicking off her world tour) to a group of fans allegedly large enough to take up so much space that two planes were prevented from disembarking. Those poor passengers are never ever ever getting off the runway. (I hate me.) [Gossip Cop]

  • Today in “why wouldn’t you trust her?” news, Brandi Glanville says Kim Richards is doing great following her arrest. [US Weekly]
  • Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed enjoyed their honeymoon in full view of the paparazzi. [POPSUGAR]
  • J.K. Rowling is sorry for killing off [????] [E! Online]
  • Here are some vague details about Taylor Kinney’s proposal to Lady Gaga. [Billboard]
  • Tiger Woods and Lindsay Vonn are no longer doing the no pants dance. [Dlisted]
  • But Selena Gomez might be dating Haze Banga. [OK!]
  • Are the Duggars staging charity scenes for their reality show? Maybe. [Radar]
  • Blake Lively stays photogenic by keeping her mouth open. [E! Online]

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