Make Way for Corgi


Two adorable fluffy little ducks have decided that an equally adorable stumpy legged corgi is their mother. My heart is microwaved with joy, my ovaries marinating in misplaced maternal instinct.

According to Discovery News, it’s uncommon- but not unheard of- for baby birds to “imprint” on animals other than birds.

“There’s nothing unique here at work,” according to Sara Hallager, a bird biologist at the National Zoo. “All baby birds, when they’re born, the first thing they see, which is usually the same species, is what they imprint on.”
When ducks or other animals imprint, it’s generally on their mother. It’s an instant bond from which they then learn the behavioral aspects of their species. Simply put, many baby animals are evolutionarily hardwired to follow their mother.
But sometimes, when animals are raised by humans, this imprinting can end up misplaced —on the human— or in this case, a dog.

All together now: Awwwww.

Ducklings Following Dog Explained [Discovery]

Image via Discovery via Cute Overload

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