Man Admits to Dumping Thousands Of Books Onto Highway


A Colorado man who was caught dumping thousands of books onto U.S. Highway 287 has pleaded guilty to charges of littering. Glenn Pladsen, 62, was ticketed in April when a state trooper witnessed him tossing books outside of his car window while driving along the highway.

The Longmont Times-Call reports that Pladsen, nicknamed “The Literary Litterbug,”was sentenced to 30 hours of community service and ordered to pay a fee of $1,725. Pladsen had acquired the books—most of them romance novels—from a used bookstore that had closed eight years prior. After trying to sell the books online, a failed attempt at giving them away and long work hours that made it difficult for Pladsen to donate them to a thrift store or take them to a landfill, Pladsen decided the best way to free himself of his literary burden was to send them out onto the highway.

For several months before Pladsen was caught, locals were trying to figure out why so many books were being discarded. Some of the orphaned books were titled Rogue Angel Sacrifice, Taken by the Viking and Rocky and Bullwinkle: The Movie Official Joke Book.

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