Man Arrested After 'Liking' His Own Wanted Poster On Facebook


A Montana man who had two warrants out for his arrest could not resist the temptation of “liking” his own wanted poster on Facebook. Could we really blame him? He was obviously seduced by the image of his own mug staring back at him causing his trigger finger to go straight towards it like a magnet. 23-year-old Levi Charles Reardon was being sought out by police on suspicion of stealing a wallet and cashing several fraudulent checks earlier this year. The un-smooth criminal was arrested shortly after the idiotic social media move.

The Great Falls Tribune reports that Reardon had been questioned previously by police in connection with the crime. At some point, he saw his photo on the county’s Crimestoppers’ page and hit “Like.” Reardon withdrew the gesture afterwards, but the damage had already been done. The Internet is an all-seeing eye and has fingers that can screencap as fast as lightning.

Social media has made some of us complete narcissists, but couldn’t he have lurked on himself on the down low? Then again, maybe he tripped and fell on his keyboard causing the “like.” Anything is possible in the wild frontiers of the worldwide web.

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