Man Jailed For Calling Emergency Services and Pretending to Be Nicki Minaj 


A man has to spend four months in the slammer, after repeatedly calling emergency services for no good reason and, at one point, insisting that he was Nicki Minaj. He is not Nicki Minaj.

That’s according to the Belfast Telegraph, via UpRoxx. You see, you can’t just call 999 and pester them. They take that shit very seriously:

During the first call he claimed two men were making threats to kill him but was too intoxicated to provide more information.
A prosecutor said he rang again saying he wanted to cancel the first call and during the second call he also claimed to be US popstar Nicki Minaj and said there was a poltergeist in his house.

He’d already gotten his wrist slapped once for non-emergency calls and wasn’t supposed to call again without a genuine emergency. So the authorities packed him off to jail (though his defender got his sentence whittled down from eight months, arguing that the dude has a problem and needs help).

Don’t call emergency services unless you have an emergency. Wishing you were Nicki Minaj doesn’t count, even though it certainly feels like one.

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