Man Proposes to His Dead Girlfriend, Assumes She Says Yes 


Everyone grieves differently. Everyone grieves differently. Everyone grieves differently. Let’s all try to keep that in mind as we dive into a truly unique story. A man named Josh Thompson has proposed to his girlfriend—postmortem.

Eighteen year-old Abigail Hall died suddenly during her first week of classes at Sheffield Hallam University in South Yorkshire when she collapsed in her apartment.

Following her tragic death, Josh asked Abigail’s parents for permission to propose and put a ring on the finger of their daughter’s dead body. He literally did this. Josh and Abigail’s father, Joshua, selected and purchased an engagement ring to symbolize the “engagement.” Via the Telegraph:

Mr Thompson added: “Myself and Joshua Hall went to select an engagement ring for Abbie, the plan was to do this next year after her first year at university.
“Josh chose well and I was able to have my moment with Abbs which I was so grateful for.

Because Abigail’s now fiancé claims that he was planning on proposing to her the following year anyway, I guess that’s why he found it an acceptable thing to do. What we will never know, however, is whether or not Abigail would have actually said yes to the proposal.

Apparently friends of the couple don’t seem to have a problem with any of this. The Telegraph reports that friends are posting on social media and insisting that the gesture is beautiful and that Abigail would have loved the ring.

This is a textbook case of: Girl, I guess. Clearly the sentiment is there, but you don’t get to make decisions like this for a dead person—particularly when it doesn’t really matter in the end. It’s not like they can actually get married and I’m guessing people already knew how much this guy loved his girlfriend.

Let’s just hope Abigail would have been happy about all this and, again, would have actually accepted Josh’s proposal, because if not, yikes.

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