Man Surrenders After Kidnapping Ex-Girlfriend


A young California woman is being treated for injuries after her boyfriend kidnapped her and drove her all the way to Las Vegas before turning around and surrendering to police.

According to CBS, 24-year-old Keisha Marshall’s ex-boyfriend Rashaun Bailey entered her Simi Valley home on Sunday night, where he proceeded to attack and then kidnap her. After driving all the way to Nevada, he turned around and headed back to Simi Valley, eventually surrendering at a police station without a struggle. As of last night, Marshall remained hospitalized with brain swelling, a fractured skull, and a broken jaw, among other injuries. Bailey will be charged with kidnapping and domestic violence. This isn’t the first time he’s been accused of abuse — he was initially supposed to be in court this week to face charges that he beat Marshall last year, and threw her out a dorm room window.

Marshall’s case has certain similarities to the suspected kidnapping of Holly Bobo, especially in one grisly detail: both crimes left a trail of blood at the scene. Bobo’s disappearance has received the most media attention, but she’s not the only woman missing in America right now — has the story of 17-year-old Rosby Taylor, who went missing around the same time as Bobo. The teen was last seen by her boyfriend, and police currently have no idea where she is. Right now, we wish Marshall a swift recovery, and hope that Bobo and Taylor, like her, are able to return to their families.

Man Suspected Of Abducting Ex-Girlfriend In Simi Valley Arrested [CBS Los Angeles]
Rosby Taylor Is Missing [Gather]

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