Mar-a-Lago Visitor NOT Impressed By Caviar Served With Plastic Spoons


If there’s one thing I will never tire of, it’s tales of the food-related atrocities produced by the Trump brand. To me, nothing encapsulates that signature blend of garish classlessness quite like the stories of the leathery, overpriced steak and Szechuan dumplings inexplicably drowned in truffle oil served at Trump Grill, or that disgusting penchant for 2,400-calorie McDonald’s feasts. Ugh, his intestines must look like the inside of a cement mixer, but I digress.

Should I even be surprised that Mar-a-Lago forces its guests to use plastic spoons to serve their caviar? No, but man, do I love it. I love it every bit as much as this woman hates it:

In fairness, What’s Cooking America says that caviar may be served with “a mother of pearl caviar spoon or a bone, gold plated, or plastic spoon. Never use stainless steel or silver to serve caviar.” A website called Mythbusters, which is not affiliated with the TV show, points out that the idea that a metal spoon will ruin the integrity of the flavor is probably bollocks, since caviar is generally scooped out of a metallic tin.

So the plastic spoon, while gauche, is technically forgivable, this next thing was a bridge too far for this poor woman, who clarifies she was not at Trump’s $100,000 per plate one-year anniversary fete, but simply dining at his overpriced restaurant nearby.

You can serve caviar with toast points. You can put it on a blini. In some countries, it can be served on potato. A cracker? No, says “vacayinbae.” NO.

Hopefully she’s learned her lesson, but probably not.

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