March Vogue: Spring Into Some Beige Pajamas


Spring is coming, and March Vogue celebrates with vibrant floral colors — like beige, ecru, and taupe.

Whether it’s a khaki military jacket or a pair of tan high-waisted trousers, the magazine has something for every beige occasion. A standout: rumpled linen pajama-style pants, paired with a tweed jacket, both in a vivid off-oatmeal. Shown with (yes) Ugg slippers, the outfit is perfect for those times when you want to spent over $6,000 to look like a paper bag. Want a little more color in your life? Try on some aboriginal chic, as Daria Werbowy does with tribal tattoos, cornrows, and a bow and arrow. Or if your tastes are a bit more Far Eastern, why not hitch a ride with Karlie Kloss as she relaxes in a yurt, or perches on a motorcycle just like real “Tibetan nomads?” Sorry Edward Said — it’s fashion!

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