Mariah Carey Can't Stop Wearing Ball Gowns EVERYWHERE


In news that will shock almost no one, Mariah Carey is making casual gowns a thing. Is this some kind of publicity stunt for her Elusive Chanteuse album or has MIMI gone to the lambs again?

Before we go any further, we should take a moment to remember the last time MIMI did something that made all of us simultaneously yelp in delight and cringe in terror. I am speaking, of course, about Ms. Carey’s amazing MTV Cribs video (which I sometimes watch late at night just because):

And that’s just part 1.

Well, Mimi has done it again. After taking some photos of herself chilling on the subway in a beautiful sparkling gown (which now likely has mustard and some sort of vomit all over it), she took her kids to the park. But you know Mariah’s not going to the park in some ratty-ass sweatpants or jorts and a tank. No, she’s going in style and she’s going to post a photo to her Instagram. And then she’s going to sing a song about that lonely kicked-over bucket in the corner. (Can you imagine if Mariah Carey was your mom and sang you to sleep every night?) (Goosebumps.)

Let’s hope that this starts an international trend among her fans. Not going to lie, seeing people in formal wear at the 7-11 would be pretty awesome.

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