Marie Kondo Is Coming to Rescue Disorganized, Problem-Child Americans With Very Nice Boxes 


Marie Kondo’s kingdom of tidiness is expanding rapidly: Not only is she working on a series with Netflix, but she is also getting into the container business, launching a line of fancy six-box sets for $89 a pop.

Fast Company reported:

Now Kondo is launching a suite of products through her Bay Area-based company KonMari: a set of three boxes called Hikidashi, named for the Japanese word “to draw out,” which were designed to fit inside drawers and organize your clothes. For now, they’re aimed at the U.S. market, though the company has plans to bring them to other markets as well.
The series of boxes, which cost $89 for a set of three, are the company’s first entrance into the world of organizational products–and they represent a greater ambition to become a lifestyle brand, one that can capitalize on growing demand in the home organization market, which is forecasted to be worth $11.8 billion by 2021.

Apparently, in Japan, it’s relatively easier to get hold of high-quality boxes to maintain your newly organized closet, but in America, all our clutter-creating crap also comes wrapped in plastic and other cheap packing materials, so you don’t even get a nice container out of the deal. And some of us just really need the additional help, I’m sorry to say:

Through her organizational consulting work and by speaking with fans, she realized that while many people had started her method, few were able to finish. Much to their chagrin, these acolytes struggled to keep their clothes folded and stacked as beautifully as she could. “We knew that was a pain point we wanted to solve,” says Cheryl Tan, KonMari’s vice president of product and marketing, who is leading the charge on transforming Kondo’s powerful brand into more things that people want to buy.

The AP reported that they come in the design varieties of “Wonder, Harmony, Clarity and Balance.” People who order the boxes through Kondo’s website will also receive guidance via email about what to do with them for successful organizing. And if that’s not enough for you, she has also created a consultancy business with reps in 23 different countries.

Now, just to remind you, her whole philosophy is that “You’re supposed to hold each object you own in your hands and then decide if it gives you a sense of joy or a sense of anxiety—if it’s the latter, out it goes with the garbage,” Fast Company put it. If I were the type of person that looked at a nice box and felt joy rather than anxiety, I would probably already be organized and wouldn’t require the assistance of Marie Kondo. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to blow an entire paycheck on these boxes during a dizzying trip to the Container Store and still be a disorganized disaster person.

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