Marilyn Manson's Former Assistant Says He Bit Her, 'Expected' Her to 'Please' His Friends

Marilyn Manson's Former Assistant Says He Bit Her, 'Expected' Her to 'Please' His Friends
Image:Stuart C. Wilson (Getty Images)

Marilyn Manson, a man who built a career around being a creep, has been accused by yet another woman of actually being a fucking monster.

According to a new lawsuit filed by Manson’s former assistant, Ashley Walters, alleges Manson was abusive in nearly every way it is possible for a person to be so. In the suit, Walters claims that Manson bit her ear and tried to force a kiss upon their first meeting. The abuse only got worse from there, according to the Guardian:

“She alleges that unnamed acquaintances of Manson groped and sexually harassed her, saying Manson “routinely encouraged, promoted, and expected Walters to ‘please’ his friends in whatever way they desired”. She claims Manson showed her a video of a young woman being physically abused by him.”

Walters also says that Manson threatened suicide during “drug induced fits of rage” and that he also shoved her against a wall. These allegations align with those women have already made against Manson. Manson’s former partner, Evan Rachel Wood has said that Manson groomed her from the time she was a teenager before sexually and physically abusing her for years. Actor Charlyne Yi says he was not only causally racist when he visited the set of House but that he also sexually harassed every woman he encountered there.

Manson’s own accounts of his behavior seem to line up with the allegations against him. He’s told interviewers about his fantasies of violently assaulting women, including Wood, featured facsimiles of that abuse in his videos, and openly threatened violence publicly in response to any criticism he’s ever received. Manson has never been a “shock rocker;” he’s been an openly violent misogynist, and may any woman who has ever been harmed by him sue for exactly what they deserve: a chunk of the fortune he’s made off bragging about debasing them until all he’s got left is his one ridiculous contact lens and an infinite capacity for pretending he is the victim.

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