Marjorie Taylor Greene Unites Republicans and Democrats in Their Disdain for Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene Unites Republicans and Democrats in Their Disdain for Marjorie Taylor Greene
Image:Kevin Dietsch (Getty Images)

If you have been taking a Twitter break, as everyone should, you may have missed Marjorie Taylor Greene attempting to make a poorly constructed metaphor about people being vaccinated against covid-19 and… Jews living in Nazi Germany. Tuesday morning, Greene tweeted, “Vaccinated employees get a vaccination logo just like the Nazi’s [sic] forced Jewish people to wear a gold star. Vaccine passports & mask mandates create discrimination against unvaxxed people who trust their immune systems to a virus that is 99% survivable.” Greene later doubled down on that tweet by referring to the University of Virginia’s ban on unvaccinated students attending in-person classes as “Nazi practices” being implemented on the youth.

It’s clear through these tweets, and several others posted throughout the day, that Greene has absolutely no familiarity with the history of Nazi Germany other than the fact that “gold stars” were not good. But surprisingly something positive came out of Greene’s tweets: unity.

Prominent figures on both sides of the aisle came together to condemn and express their befuddlement over Greene’s comments, including prominent figures of her own party like Liz Cheney, Kevin McCarthy, and if you can believe it, Ben Shapiro. Of all the sick burns flung Greene’s way today from her fellow Republicans, the best one came from the executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Matt Brooks, who tweeted that Greene’s comparison was inappropriate and then added, “You’re an embarrassment to yourself and the GOP.” Interestingly enough the only prominent person taking time out to defend Greene’s statements is Matt Gaetz, who would do just about anything to have attention taken away from his particular issue.

This situation would almost be comical if it weren’t being perverted further by Greene, who is using this opportunity to also promote an anti-Palestinian agenda that paints Democrats and members of The Squad, whom she refers to as the Jihad Squad, as supporters of terrorism and antisemitism for calling on the U.S. to not sell more weapons to Israel. In fact, Greene is capitalizing on her pro-Israel stance to offset the fact that she is encouraging Americans to refuse vaccination and then paint themselves as victims of discrimination after the fact. The mental gymnastics this woman goes through to make a point isn’t even worth the effort!

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