Martha-Ann Alito Fantasizes About Flag Designs to Piss Off Her Neighbors

"I made a flag in my head. This is how I satisfy myself," Justice Alito's wife said in a recording at a fundraising dinner. She also revealed a nearly 20-year grudge against a Washington Post columnist.

Martha-Ann Alito Fantasizes About Flag Designs to Piss Off Her Neighbors

Well, this settles it: Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and his wife, Martha-Ann, are a perfect match, and that match is Fox News Grandpa and Newsmax Grandma. Hours after Rolling Stone reported that Justice Alito agreed that the U.S. should return to “godliness,” they published audio from the same June 3 fundraising dinner of Martha-Ann disparaging the Pride flag. In the recording, Mrs. Alito suggested that she wanted to sue news outlets for defamation over their coverage of her upside-down flag and “Appeal to Heaven” flag, revealed a long-running grudge against a Washington Post fashion columnist, and invoked her German heritage to talk about revenge.

“I want a Sacred Heart of Jesus flag because I have to look across the lagoon at the Pride flag for the next month,” Alito told documentary filmmaker Lauren Windsor, who also recorded her interaction with the Justice. But Mrs. Alito said her husband asked her not to. “He’s like, ‘Oh, please don’t put up a flag.’ I said, ‘I won’t do it because I am deferring to you. But when you are free of this nonsense, I’m putting it up and I’m gonna send them a message every day, maybe every week, I’ll be changing the flags.’” Presumably, Justice Alito being “free of this nonsense” is a reference to his retirement if Trump wins a second term.

Martha-Ann kept going. “I made a flag in my head. This is how I satisfy myself,” she said. “It’s white and has yellow and orange flames around it. And in the middle is the word ‘vergogna.’ ‘Vergogna’ in Italian means shame—vergogna. V-E-R-G-O-G-N-A. Vergogna.” The woman admitted that she fantasizes about flags to own her neighbors.

She also said she wanted to “get even” with the media, implying that she still has time to file defamation lawsuits. “If they come back to me, I’ll get them. I’m gonna be liberated, and I’m gonna get them.”

Here’s the nearly six-minute interaction:

These aren’t even the most unhinged parts of the conversation. While talking about the media, Alito seems obsessed with what fashion critic Robin Givhan wrote about her 18 years ago, during her husband’s confirmation hearings. She incorrectly said that Givhan worked for The New York Times—nope, it’s the Washington Post—and then claimed Givhan won a 2006 Pulitzer for what she wrote about the clothing choices of the Alitos and John Roberts and his family.

“(I was) denigrated early on, and when we first came to town, and the woman then won a Pulitzer Prize, she was commenting on my clothes. She said that I wore a baby blanket one day and the next time I had on a La-Z-Boy recliner pattern suit,” Alito said. “That’s why she got her Pulitzer. Between Jane [Roberts] and me, criticizing the clothes that Jane put the children in and the clothes that we wore.”

In fact, Givhan’s 10 pieces submitted for the award didn’t include any writing about the Alitos. (One was on the Roberts family, and others were about politicians like Dick Cheney and Condoleeza Rice.) All submissions were published in 2005, while her piece on the Alitos is from January 2006. So it appears Martha-Ann is as much a fan of revisionist history as her husband.

Alito said she called Givhan in April 2006 when she won the Pulitzer. She said she told Givhan she was proud of her and encouraged her to talk a walk outside in New York and “enjoy life.” (She also mispronounced Balenciaga as “balen-CHAY-ga.”) Alito told Windsor, “She never came after me again, but she went after Jane Roberts again.” So that’s now two SCOTUS wives calling Black women to harass them. (See: Ginni Thomas dialing Anita Hill.)

Windsor, who attended under her own name but asked questions as if she were a religious conservative, then assuages Alito that the media is “persecuting” her as “a convenient stand-in for anybody who’s religious.” Alito brushes it off, then somewhat ominously invokes her German ancestry. “Look at me. I’m German, from Germany. My heritage is German. You come after me, I’m going to give it back to you. And there will be a way—it doesn’t have to be now—but there will be a way they will know. Don’t worry about it,” she said.

Anyway, I shudder to think what’s in the text chain between Martha-Ann and Ginni.

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