Masturbation-Hater Christine O'Donnell Wins Senate Primary


Christine O’Donnell, described as “the late ’90s version of Elisabeth Hasselbeck,” won the Republican Senate primary in Delaware last night. With her morass of financial problems, blatant lies, and extreme positions on sexual politics, even Karl Rove thinks she’s “nutty.”

She beat a moderate Republican who was the longest-serving congressman in Delware history. Although Michelle Malkin and Sean Hannity rebuked Rove for his comments, the word is that the state and national Republican parties won’t be helping O’Donnell out in the general election. Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, you’re on your own here..

As long as the conventional wisdom that O’Donnell cannot win in moderate Delaware holds — thus hurting the chances of the Republicans taking over the Senate — we have a very entertaining campaign season ahead.

Especially because now video proof of O’Donnell’s opposition to masturbation is before us. Sample line: “If he already knows what pleases him and he can please himself, then why am I in the picture?”

And here is she is on Politically Incorrect in 1998, discussing whether Monica Lewinsky should have kept that stained dress to herself. Watch Bill Maher get exasperated as O’Donnell brings up legalized abortion again as a sign of our nation’s dissolute values. “Does everything always have to come to abortion?” he says. “No matter what the subject — outer space, cloning, abortion? Prison rights, you know — abortion?”

According to The Daily Beast, O’Donnell was also “an ardent advocate for gay conversion therapy, arguing, essentially, that homosexuality was a mental disorder that could be cured through intervention.”

Bonus: Here’s footage of an O’Donnell surrogate giggling at the “rumor” that Mike Castle was “cheating on his wife with a man.” The makers of the video had left O’Donnell’s campaign two weeks before. O’Donnell herself called Castle “unmanly,” and said, “Mike Castle, this is not a bake-off. Get your man pants on.”

Why did Delaware Republicans essentially commit suicide on this one, despite major Republicans freaking out at the last minute about O’Donnell? Blame the two-facedness of the Fox News commentators of the world. Says Slate’s Dave Weigel, “How could conservative voters be convinced that O’Donnell’s messy financial history and misstatements made her unacceptable when they’d been told, by these same people, that Sarah Palin’s flubs were just evidence that the media was unfair to her?”

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