Matt Lauer Might Just Say Fuck It and Host a Game Show


The latest gristle from the Today show rumor mill: Matt Lauer might just give up on the morning news all together and become the new host of Jeopardy. Blink. Blink.

The New York Post reports:

The beleaguered host of the “Today” show is at the top of the list to take over the brainy game show when Alex Trebek steps down, as expected, in 2016, knowledgeable sources tell The Post.
The Post reported this week that Lauer is not expected to re-sign with “Today” when his blockbuster, $25-million-a-year deal expires in 2015.
By coincidence, that’s about the time Trebek is expected to end his three-decade run as the host of the habit-forming game show.
Sony Pictures Television, which owns the hugely profitable show, has quietly been feeling out TV personalities in recent months to see who might be available and willing to take on the role in 2016, sources say.

Another name on the list? Anderson Cooper. Doesn’t really seem like the right fit, but whatever. He’s charming. Anyway. Answer: No one, we all lose. Question: Who would win in a smug-off between Lauer and Trebek?


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