Matt Lauer Reportedly Caught With a 'Smoking Hot Blonde'


Today show host and noted feminist theorist Matt Lauer was seen in the Hamptons with a “smoking hot blonde,” who it is safe to say is probably not his brunette wife. (Is the term “smoking hot blonde” ever used to describe a woman who isn’t a mistress?) Now, this story comes by way of the National Enquirer, so salt, grains.

Exclusive photos obtained by The ENQUIRER show the skirt-chasing “Today” show host relaxing on his boat with a mystery blonde in New York’s glitzy resort area, the Hamptons, on July 8.
An eyewitness told The ENQUIRER that Matt and the woman “acted suspicious” after they noticed a photographer snapping their picture.
“If they didn’t have anything to hide, then why did the girl duck and try to cover her head to avoid being photographed?” said the eyewitness.

Good point. Except maybe she didn’t want to be photographed by a complete stranger with a telescope lens as she tried to relax on a boat? I dunno, just throwing some theories out, guys.

“Matt also acted like he’d been busted. After spotting the photographer, he quickly pulled his boat up to the dock and dropped the lady off before gunning the boat back out onto the water.”

If true, that seems both rude and pretty damning.

Rumors surrounding Lauer’s fidelity to his wife—who filed for divorce in 2006 and later withdrew—have swirled for years, with an affair with fellow TODAY co-host Natalie Morales being one of the most prevalent.

At the moment, the photos of Lauer and the “smoking hot blonde” are only available in the print version of the National Enquirer. Surely you’re racing to the newsstand right now.

Image via AP

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