Maybe Kim Kardashian Really Is the Queen of Staten Island

Love, or something like it, is truly alive with Kim and Pete Davidson.

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Maybe Kim Kardashian Really Is the Queen of Staten Island
Image:Robert Kamau/GC Images (Getty Images)

There’s something in the air (other than covid) in New York City this holiday season that looks and feels a little bit like, ugh, I guess, love. Though I’d previously dismissed the lust that lives in the hearts and loins of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian as a PR ploy, I’m now ready to accept that maybe there’s something resembling real there after all.

While Pete’s workplace was in a turmoil over positive covid tests amongst some of the cast members, leaving most cast and crew members off the hook for the show’s final season, the couple enjoyed a dinner and a movie in beautiful Staten Island. Though it is not confirmed what movie they did see, I’d like to think that Pete made her watch the latest Spiderman while enjoying a shared bucket of Cheetos popcorn. They also went to a restaurant called Angelina’s Ristorante. I know this because I read the rags, but also because the owner of the restaurant posted this photo on Instagram.

Scott Disick was also in attendance at this dinner, as were this group of women I saw on TikTok last night, who posted up somewhere on the premises and captured the following footage of the pair entering the restaurant.


♬ original sound – Rosio

I understand that the professionals that work for TMZ are, uh, professionals, I guess, but my plea is that for these women to replace the cameramen that post up outside of LAX waiting for famous people to get into their cars. These women are just as engaging and about three times more aggressive, but in a different way, and I think they’d add a certain flavor to those proceedings—one that is sorely missing. In any case, Pete and Kim are having a wonderful holiday season, and you know what, we might as well be happy for them. [Page Six]

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