Media Finally Acknowledges That Vibrators Are Awesome


Did you know that you can now buy vibrators in Duane Reade or Walgreens? Vibrators made by condom companies have actually been in stores since at least 2008, but the New York Times is telling us about it now. You see, thanks to a 1998 episode of Sex and the City and a discussion by Dr. Laura Berman on Oprah last year, it’s now okay to talk about vibrators anywhere — including in the pages of the New York Times!

The ubiquity of “personal massagers” may not be breaking news, but we’re still excited to see the topic discussed in a major paper, rather than, “during a late-night girl-talk session fueled by many glasses of pinot grigio.” It is easier than ever to get your hands (and other areas) on a vibrator. Trojan says it started developing products to be sold in drug stores after a 2008 study found more than half of all American women have used vibrators, and of that group, nearly 80% have shared them with their partner.

Rachel Venning, founder of Babeland, says she’s pleased women can now buy the devices even if they’re wary of heading to a sex shop:

“I know women will buy them at Duane Reade, and as a lifelong cheerleader for sexual empowerment I’m thrilled at this development,” Ms. Venning said. “It’s one more step in the evolution of vibrators to just another consumer product, unburdened of its freight of shame, sexual defect and sluttiness.”

The Times interviewed a few random men and reassures the ladies that dudes are not threatened by vibrators. In fact, “Jeremy, 31, a content strategist in the entertainment business who lives in New York” is “downright enthusiastic” about them — good to know!

Of course, not everyone is as comfortable as our friend Jeremy about the idea of ladies pleasuring themselves. Suki Dunham recently invented OhMiBod, a line of vibrators that synchronize with smart phones, but she’s had some trouble marketing the product. Nylon Magazine refused to run her ad and her loan application was denied by the federal Small Business Administration because they say she runs a “prurient” operation.

“I can sit with my 10-year-old daughter during prime-time TV and watch a commercial for Viagra,” Mr. Dunham said, “but I can’t advertise our OhMiBod fan page within Facebook.”

Plus, the ad you’ve probably seen for Trojan’s TriPhoria uses a cheesy “blow your hair back” gag, includes a random dude, and never mentions exactly what the product does. If the Times can talk openly about women masturbating, maybe it’s time for the rest of the world to loosen up too.

Vibrators Carry The Conversation [NYT]

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