Meet The Worst Reality Show Of Them All!


The name really says it all: I’m Hotter Than My Daughter:

Yes, it’s about what it sounds like: emotionally mature women who enjoy dressing like their pubescent children compete in a beauty and style for the BBC-viewing public’s approval. And lest emotional damage, skewed priorities and circumstances that should arguably attract the attention of protective services were not enough entertainment to shoehorn into one hour, the “loser” has to get a makeover which, presumably, amps up the sex appeal.

That there’s a deeply distressing pretext to all of the relationships featured in a Sun article on the show is, natch, not nearly as interesting as moms wearing PVC hot pants to the clubs – LOL! Says one of the teens,
“She’s constantly embarrassing me like that – like on my 15th birthday when we went in a limo to a restaurant with all of my friends…She was leaning out of the window of the car poking her bum out, then after a few glasses of wine* at the restaurant she got on the table and started singing ‘Don’t you wish your mumma was hot like me’. My friends think she is the coolest mum ever.

Said the casting call,

BBC Three is searching for the mums of today who are younger, hipper, more attractive and more independent than ever before! Do you and your daughter share clothes? Do people often mistake you for sisters? Or are people amazed to discover your real age? If this sounds like you and you would like the opportunity to have a fun makeover, then please get in touch.

The producers’, um, justifications for this assault on the ashes of human decency? As the BBC’s commissioning editor told Digital Spy, “This is a fresh format that goes to the heart of competitive relationships, not only between mothers and daughters, but also siblings and best friends and I’m sure the makers of Snog, Marry, Avoid** will make it a fun watch.” And keeping in mind that the Brits are behind everything from Big Brother to Idol, we can only hope for an American version – further employment, if nothing else, for the cast of Jersey Shore.

*The bum-sticking apparently took place while sober.
**Brits, please weigh in.

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[Image via Kitschy-Kitschy-Coo]

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