Men Your Man Could Smell Like: The Best Old Spice Spoofs


The Old Spice commercial starring Isaiah Mustafa — and the catchphrase, “I’m the man your man could smell like” — is so popular that it’s spawned a rash of copycat clips.

Lost fans: Richard Alpert is the man your man could smell like. Eyelashes not included. [Buzzfeed]

Oh, “The sausage your sausage could taste like.” You had us at sausage. Also, you look hilarious with a tiny shirt tied around your neck. [WhosMrHappy’s YouTube]

Just in time for Easter: Peeps! The amputated arm is kinda troubling, kinda cute! [Esadun’s YouTube]

“The man your man could smell like… if he treated you like shit.” The casting is great on this one, since the guy looks like he came directly from [Funkanomics Comedy’s YouTube]

Two memes for the price of one! This spoof is not only a nod to the Old Spice spot — it was inspired by Andy Samberg and Lonely Island’s “I’m On A Boat”. [TheBeatBumz You Tube]

This terrifying lady is trying to sell us a bodyshaper, but the way she says “stop looking look at me” is rather intimidating. Rather than buying anything, you just feel like apologizing. [MsVideoDiva’s YouTube]

What does the World Of Warcraft man smell like? Tostitos, guac and Druid sweat. [Bitschlap’s YouTube]

This one is my favorite: If Scar from The Lion King had actually auditioned for the part, he might have gotten it. Someone get Jeremy Irons on the horn! [SandVeil1’s YouTube]

Lastly: The remix. This track is made for quiet storm boot-knockin. Have some candles and a condom at the ready.

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