Michelle Obama Dispenses Relationship Advice for Women With Husbands Who Travel a Lot


In the beginning of his show, Steve Harvey answers relationship questions for audience members — after all, he is the author of the bestselling garbagey gobbledy-gook called Think Like A Man. Today, a lady on the show asked how she could keep her husband involved in the family’s day-to-day life, since he travels all the time for work. Harvey said the question “required” the “female perspective,” then said he would “have a female answer the question.” Surprise: Michelle Obama!

The First Lady emerged, looking gorge in a pantsuit and raw geode earrings, although, honestly, it was sad she was there at all. Steve Harvey is The Worst™. And it’s not like she has anything new to say. She did emphasize how important it is to vote. But most of the cute stories she told — about her first date with Barack Obama, about how romantic he is — were ones we’d heard before, on The View or in 2008, the first time her husband was running for office.

In any case, Mrs. Obama has advice for those who have husbands who travel: Skype.

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