Michelle Obama Is Getting Followed Everywhere


Her arms! Her hair! Her eyes! Her husband? Who wants to be stuck in the White House briefing room when you can be out and about with Michelle Obama, covering her impact on the world?

Not the Washington Post‘s Robin Givhan, who is giving up her swell New York digs and heading to D.C. to cover the Michelle beat, according to Politico‘s Michael Calderone.

Givhan, according to the memo, will “bring that sharp eye to bear on the cultural and social issues that swirl around the new occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.”
Already there’s been a huge appetite for stories on Obama’s style — J. Crew outfits, young designers, toned arms — so it shouldn’t be surprising the Post wants to carve out a piece of the beat.

Well, that and, despite Givhan’s Pulitzer, her best-known piece is probably the one about Hillary Clinton’s cleavage rather than her work on actual fashion, so it probably makes sense to have her cover the fashion-for-D.C. that people seemingly read rather than the Fashion Week stuff that confuses the be-suited denizens of the District.

Givhan will have some competition for the Michelle beat — Politico‘s own Nia Malika Henderson is covering Michelle and the girls as a big part of her portfolio as well. Now if we could just spend nearly as much time talking about her brains as her arms, that would be great.

WaPo’s Givhan to cover Michelle O [Politico]

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