Middle School Girls in Florida Allegedly Planned to Kill Classmates and Drink Their Blood 


According to authorities in central Florida, a couple of middle school girls brought knives to school on Tuesday with the intent of killing their classmates, cutting them up, and drinking their blood, the Associated Press reports.

ABC reports that the two girls, who are in the 6th and 7th grades at Bartow Middle School, “worship Satan.” According to the arrest report, the final message sent between the girls reads, “Today is health lessens thank Satan we’re doing this in a bit.” The girl also reportedly told cops who were questioning them of their diabolism.

The Barstow Police released arrest affidavits on Wednesday, which say the girls allegedly planned to hide out in a bathroom where they could wait for “smaller students” to come to them. The students reportedly planned to die by suicide after the attack, which was foiled when a school administrator went looking for them because they had skipped class. The girls were discovered in the bathroom holding a goblet.

Once they’d arrived at the principal’s office, the girls were asked to empty their pockets, revealing a knife and a knife sharpener. More items were found in their bags, including a pizza cutter and a butcher knife.

According to ABC, a student warned a teacher on Monday that one of the girls had advised “something bad” would happen at the school, and there were more officers on the grounds the following day as a result.

Both girls were arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder, possession of a weapon on school property, and disrupting a school campus. ABC reports that the girls are still in police custody.

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