Midnight Red Attempts to Charm America by Charming Hoda and Kathie Lee


A few months ago we met Midnight Red, the boy band America wants – nay needs – if it’s going to move forward as a society. Though they were presumably poised to take over the charts, their devoted “redheads” seems to have isolated their fandom primarily to Tumblr and not the charts. That is, until Midnight Red’s appearance on the Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee Thursday morning, when these five multi-ethnic American hotties clearly made an impression. One Direction should be shaking in their boots.

It must be hard to be Midnight Period Red right now; performing on the Today show would presumably be a big win, except that their spot was not a showcase in Rockefeller Plaza but an acapella set following a short interview with Hoda and Kathie Lee, both of whom donned horrible looking red wigs in an homage to their young guests. Also notable: Thomas aka Heroin Eyes seems to have lost the sparkle that prompted that nickname somewhere on the road to stardom; his eyes looked notably less stunning during the appearance. To make up for it, his hair is now sky-high.

When asked about the inevitable comparisons between Midnight Red and One Direction, The Artist Formerly Known as Heroin Eyes explained, “We’re a bit different because we dance, so it’s not like we’re better or worse it’s just like, how boring would an ice cream shop be if it only had one flavor?” To which Kathie Lee appropriately responded, “But I do like vanilla though,” prompting an unidentified off-camera member of the band to say in a very un-morning show way, “I got some vanilla for you right here.” Cue the sound of…silence, followed by intense screaming.

In other news, Midnight Red performed an acoustic version of “Take Me Home” and they sounded great (though they did not dance!). Also Kathie Lee has a new podcast. So there’s that.

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