Miley and Liam Seem Exhausting, Honestly

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Miley and Liam Seem Exhausting, Honestly
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We’ve all known that couple or been that couple that keeps breaking up, then parade around their problems and very public hookups and sweep all their friends up in their drama before they inevitably get back together and make everyone come over for brunch. I can’t help but shake the feeling that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are one such couple, and it seems like their “friends,” or at least the kind of “friends” who blab shit to the tabloids, agree.

People reports that though Cyrus and Hemsworth seem to have called it quits, it doesn’t seem like Cyrus is in any rush to make the split legal. In fact, it’s possible they’ll even get back together. “They are having a break right now because they needed it. It was a bad situation with a lot of disagreements,” an alleged acquaintance of Cyrus told the tabloid. “They both agreed it’s better to spend time apart, but this doesn’t mean their relationship is completely over.”

Indeed, though Hemsworth seems to be pretty gutted by the breakup—not to mention the fact that Cyrus seems to have already moved on with Brody Jenner’s ex—a reconciliation looks like it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Per People:

Noting that the on-again, off-again couple have previously “been in similar situations” and “found their way back together again,” the source says the stars haven’t completely ruled out a reconciliation down the line.
“They are great together when they are happy,” says the source. “There is absolutely hope that they will get back together again.”

Cyrus and Hemsworth have broken up multiple times over the years and still manage to find their way back to each other, which is very nice for them but I’m sure it’s entirely exhausting for everyone they know. Maybe that’s why their buddies are such snitches? Who can say. [People]

Selena Gomez may or may not be launching a beauty line.

According to Page Six, last month Gomez’s production company filed an application to trademark her name, under the auspice of launching a brand “in the realm of various beauty products including fragrances, cosmetics, skin care, hair care, soaps, moisturizers and essential oils.” No word on a launch date or any specific products, though I’m sure we’ll hear more soon.

I am generally suspicious of celebrity beauty lines, probably because I once owned Jessica Simpson’s flavored body spray, but Fenty was a real game-changer, so perhaps Gomez can pull this one out of the bag, too. [Page Six]

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