Miley Cyrus Joins Myspace in Spirit, Gets 'Rock n Roll' Heart Tattoo

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Miley Cyrus Joins Myspace in Spirit, Gets 'Rock n Roll' Heart Tattoo
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If you were a celebrity with a net worth of $160 million, groomed from birth by your multi-platinum selling parent to have the sole vocation of being hot and cool, there are a lot of tattoos you might have the inclination to inscribe onto your flesh. But as all things eventually come full circle, it appears Miley Cyrus has chosen to commemorate her love for a rather vacant-looking Australian named Cody Simpson with some new ink that gives off a distinctly scene-queen-circa-2002 vibe. On Tuesday the new couple visited Nico Bassilli, a celebrity artist who has done some legitimately very cool work in the past, and who posted some moody black-and-white photos to his Instagram. In the grand tradition of people who walk into a strip mall tattoo shop with absolutely no idea why they’re there, Cyrus got herself a heart with a knife through it.

The ribbon across reads “Rock n Roll Heart,” a truly baffling and extremely literal interpretation of the image itself, leading this blogger to wonder if Cyrus asked for a “rock n roll heart” and got brutally trolled instead. Simpson, for his part, got a shaky skull and crossbones that looks exactly like a stick-and-poke a buddy of mine gave himself sophomore year. (He also, according to photos he shared on Instagram, has a tattoo across his chest that reads e n e r g y, which!) Jezebel congratulates the new couple on joining each other’s Myspace Top 8.


Lindsie Chrisley, from what I can gather, is the daughter of a man who bills himself as a “real estate magnate” but is mostly famous for playing one TV, which sounds oddly familiar. In any case, the family stars in its own TV show on USA Today and is fantastically wealthy, perhaps thanks in part not paying their share of government dues. Recently, the Georgia Department of Revenue accused the Chrisleys of not paying over $2 million in taxes between 2008 to 2016: Though most of those charges have since been dropped, the gang is not taking the internal strife well. Patriarch Todd Chrisley has sued the Georgia investigator, alleging the “out-of-control public servant” had been “specifically targeting” the famous family, which still faces federal charges. Today, TMZ reports that Todd is accusing Lindsie of colluding with the agent in question, an allegation she denies. I don’t know, just pay your taxes! Even famous families have to drive their Escalades or whatever on state-funded roads.

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