Millihelen Is Dead, Long Live Millihelen

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From the day we started this here “beauty” blog, it’s felt like we’re getting away with something. Here was a site where old people and ugly people and fat people and jerks could talk about fashion and beauty however we liked, and as if our opinions mattered. We also never took bribes, never did product placements, and always spoke honestly, even if those opinions might not be popular. What a boon. And now, the jig is up.

We can’t shut her down without thanking our amazing writers. (This is going to read like an acceptance speech, except I’m not a winner, I’m a loser, so I don’t care if the band wants to play me off stage, I’m just gonna keep talking.) There’s a reason Millihelen featured so many outside voices: beauty blogs which present a singular, aspirational vision and uniform voice are boring as fuck and read like advertisements. A round of applause for our brilliant, unique contributors who made this place special: Eudora Peterson, Natalie E. Illum, Sarah Miller, Lyz Lenz, MacKenzie Kassab, Sara Lautman, A. Katie Shannon, Nancy Golombisky, Lynn Kleiman Malinoff, Virginia Pasley, Erin Ashford, Katie Manthey, Laura June, Brandi Morgan Kirchgessner, Nadia Johnson-Lisk, Rebecca Scherm, Christina Bock, Maddox Price, Paige M., Lindsay Louise, Alex Nursall, Dayna Evans, Lindsay Filardo, Jubilee, Jennifer Culp, Lucy Cottrell, Teri Lynn Brown, Cassie Krepel, Sara Gran, Karolina Waclawiak, Emily Wolfe, Emma Lovewell, Eloise LeBel, Emily Panic, Priyanka Mattoo, Jasmine Guillory, Megan Koester, Hollis, and all of our Mall Makeover volunteers. (If I missed you, please email me so I can add you to the list and send you a lengthy, heartfelt apology.)

Thanks also to the brilliant staff of writers and editors at Jezebel who took time away from their groundbreaking journalism to talk about lipstick and rompers with us for a few moments each day. A huge, extra special thanks to Emma Carmichael for giving me this opportunity, supporting me along the way, and allowing me to fuck up her blog for as long as I did.

Most of all, I’d like to thank you readers and commenters. Man, no offense, but when this site launched, we weren’t sure we’d be able to attract such a thoughtful, inclusive, kind, eloquent and engaged audience. You did it. You were the best part of the internet for a minute there.

If I can leave you with any parting wisdom, it’s to remember that this is just a blog. It’s just a blog! Haha, NBD, it’s just a fucking blog.

As for me, I think what I’d really like to do is direct.

In the meantime, starting next Friday, you can find me at The Toast where each week we’ll continue to make fun of junk that’s on sale. Follow me here for other news and updates.


PS—Any time you quit a job or get fired, you should listen to this. It’s the best:

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Image by Dean Fleischer-Camp.

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