Milly, For The Uptight Country Club Lacrosse Mom In You


You live in a modest 8,000 square foot Mediterranean-style waterfront villa in West Palm Beach. Your two perfect children, Hewitt and Cooper, are expecting you to attend their parent-teacher events, your pool boy needs to be fired, and your Dear Husband wants to take the boat to St. Barth. What are you going to wear? Milly.

The secret you never tell anyone is this: You used to want to be a flight attendant.

You simply loathe how the other girls in the Rare Orchid Society never take their responsibilities seriously.

In school, you were voted “most likely to succeed,” as well as “most likely not to leave Connecticut.”

You own one pair of tennis shoes, which you wear only when you are actually playing tennis.

You find it horribly vulgar to drink out of a glass that’s not made of crystal.

You never brag, except when when it comes to your undefeated record in croquet.

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