Missing Ohio Mom: "I Didn't Want To Do Anything Illegal" • Black Teens Are More Optimistic, Study Says


“Runaway mom” Tiffany Tehan sat down for an interview on Inside Edition – her first since she disappeared earlier this month. She recognizes that she acting selfishly when she decided to slip away from her family. She recalls thinking:

“The plan was to get in the car and head down to Florida and start a new life. We had plans to maybe start a business… But I truly thought, ‘No one’s going to miss me that much. Let’s get in the car and go.'” Tehan’s husband also spoke out about his wife’s strange behavior, saying that he “absolutely forgives” Tiffany, and that “like anyone else getting through life… it’s not always easy.” • According to a recent nationwide survey, black high school students are more optimistic about the future than their white or Hispanic peers. Researchers claim this is due to the “Obama effect.” Black students were also far more likely to rate his performance as “good” or “very good.” “You’re always told anything is possible – but when you see it, you believe it,” said 15-year-old DeQuan Foster of our current prez. • In 2005, Indian actress Kushboo Khan-Sundar told an interviewer that pre-marital sex was a-okay, so long as “provided safety measures are followed to prevent pregnancy and STDs.” The government responded to her words of wisdom by charging her with undermining public decency. After being locked in a legal battle for several years, Kushboo was cleared of all criminal charges by he country’s supreme court. • Researchers from the University of Adelaide found that male and female fetuses respond differently to stress during pregnancy and adjust their growth patterns according to gender. When the mother is stressed, male babies “pretend it’s not happening” and keep on growing as large as possible, while a female fetus is more likely to reduce her growth, sometimes falling below average levels. • A waitress from “The Lobster Box” is suing the restaurant for sexual harassment after her manager allegedly used absurd and unwelcome pickup lines like “Come over here. I want you to turn my shrimp into a lobster.” He also reportedly said some uncreative and blatantly misogynistic stuff, including: “All women belong on their knees.” Rosemarie Ferranti reported his actions to the Lobster Box’s owner, but she claims that doing so only got her fired. • A video from the Human Rights Watch on maternal mortality has been nominated for a Webby Award. The short documentary focuses on maternal deaths in India, and tells the story of Kiran Yadav, a 25-year-old woman who died needlessly while giving birth to her third child. The moving and incredibly powerful video is available online here.Forbes has gathered up a list of the highest-paid female executives at the biggest companies in the U.S. Topping the list is Irene Rosenfeld of Kraft Foods, who made $16.7 million last year (including bonuses and stock options). They note that her compensation is “on par with her male peers.” Sadly, women still account for only 3% of the top positions at the 500 largest companies. • A survey conducted by the British Association of Dermatologists found that redheads and people with fair skin – precisely the people who should not be tanning – are among the most likely to visit tanning parlors. Doctors recommend these high-risk groups switch from tanning beds to cosmetic products. Or better yet, embrace their natural skin tone. • Children of women who smoked while pregnant have significantly higher quantities of fat around their internal organs as teenagers than non-exposed peers, says a recent study. Smoking during pregnancy has been linked to future obesity, but researchers admit they “do not know the exact mechanisms.” • Navy officials have announced that women will be serving on submarines by fall of 2011. The announcement came Thursday morning, when Rear Adm. Barry Bruner delivered the good news at a press conference in Georgia. “There are extremely capable women in the Navy who have the talent and desire to succeed in the submarine force,” said secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus in a statement. • According to a survey by LeaseTrader, women report “remaining in love” with a new car longer than men, but it was not specified how much longer. The honeymoon period generally lasts only 4 months for a leased vehicle. • Libyan leader Muammar al-Gadaffi famously travels with an army of 200 female bodyguards. According to Gadaffi, all the women who work for him are beautiful virgins, which sadly taints the bad-ass factor of a woman bodyguard with the stink of sexism. Way to ruin it, Gadaffi. •

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