Missing Sisters Survive By Eating Girl Scout Cookies 


If you needed further proof that Girl Scout cookies are manna from heaven, then here it is: Sisters Leslie Roy, 52, and Lee Marie Wright, 56, were trapped in their SUV for nearly two-weeks and survived the ordeal by eating Girl Scout cookies.

The sisters were travelling on a remote road in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula when their car became trapped in the snow. The women, who had been missing since April 11, survived on “cookies purchased from relatives and a bag of cheese puffs,” the AP reported.

There’s no cellphone service in the area. The car eventually lost power, too. Roy and Wright wore layers of clothes to stay warm as overnight temperatures fell to the 20s, and they also turned snow into water.

The trapped car was eventually spotted by a pilot who noticed the reflection of their car amid the snow. The overjoyed sisters were transported to a nearby hospital, both were released injury-free.

If the Girl Scouts don’t already have a badge for this, then they should.

Image via Getty.

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