Mistress Takes Revenge On Man Who "Fired" Her


A married Chinese businessman’s plan to hold a contest between his five mistresses to decide which one to “keep” backfired when one of the eliminated women drove him off a cliff.

The man, known by his last name Fan, couldn’t afford to support so many mistresses so he had the women compete in categories of appearance, singing, and how much alcohol they could hold. The winner would remain his mistress and receive $800 per month and an apartment. A 29-year-old woman, identified as Yu, was eliminated in the appearance round. She invited Fan and the other women to accompany her on a sight seeing trip and drove the car off a cliff, killing herself and injuring the others. Fan shut down his company and paid Yu’s parents $85,000. The mistresses and Fan’s wife left him. [CNN, Time]

[Image via Stock Exchange]

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