MOMS: Facebook No Longer Popular With Kids These Days


Heyyy teens, knock knock, adult here, just checking in on what y’all are up to on the internet, I can come back later…….nevermind it’s cool I’ll just read this Pew Research study, nbd.

Adults!: according to this Pew Research study, teens–authorities on what’s cool until they age and are replaced newer, cooler teens–are rejecting Facebook. While 95% of teens (13-17) have access to a smartphone, only 51% report using Facebook, which is a staggering drop from the 71% reported in their 2014-2015 survey. Readjust your perceived personal coolness percentage accordingly.

According to Pew’s findings, most use YouTube (85%), Instagram (72%) and Snapchat (69%); meanwhile the most-visited are Snapchat (35%), YouTube (32%), trailed by Instagram (15%) and Facebook (10%). A full 45% report using the internet “almost constantly,” and the vast majority go online “multiple times a day.”

Is this good? Is this bad? What are they doing on there? Who knows! Taking on the NRA! Stripping away negative cultural attitudes about sex and gender! Eating Tide Pods! Juuling! Making a shit ton of money “influencing” other teens and then telling Teen Bo$$ magazine about it! Also, living in poverty which seriously affects their likelihood of having computer access. Self-organizing girl scout troops for homeless girls and crowdfunding their own pride parades and questioning their congresspeople on Facebook live. Teen stuff.

Selfishly, I remain hopeful for the Purge, when all the trash we left behind on our chosen social media platform as teens is washed away in one cleansing wave and we switch over to the new internet dreamed up by new teens.

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