Moms To Blame For Male Mistreatment Of Women


Young boys who look at porn are reportedly more likely to view women as sex objects. “It doesn’t mean that every young person is going out to rape somebody but it does increase the likelihood.”

Or so says Michael Flood, who carried out the multi-nation study on the effects of pornography. Young boys who view porn are more likely to think nothing of sexual harassment, and have less success forming lasting relationships as they get older. However, on the other side of the pornography debate is Thaddeus Birchard, a psychotherapist who treats sex addiction:

We are entering a period of moral panic and this is part of it. Children are not receiving sex education at home. Sexually explicit material on the net can even help educate them. The internet is a way of being sexually addicted but it does not cause the addiction. What causes it is the relationship between the child and their parents. Almost always they are maternally deprived.

We were with him right up until the end, when, as usual, it becomes the mother’s fault her kid is watching porn and mistreating women. The debate as to whether or not porn is good for women has been raging for years, but when even some on the pro-porn side are blaming women for the actions and addictions of men, we clearly have a problem.

Boys Who See Porn More Likely To Harass Than Girls [Times]

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