Monster Who Drugged and Raped His Wife for Years Gets No Prison Time


Today’s daily dose of Vitamin Rage: a man in Indiana will serve no prison time despite being found guilty of drugging and raping his wife repeatedly and over the course of years. The judge even suggested that the woman forgive her now-ex husband who, let me remind you, had drugged and raped her repeatedly over an extended period of time.

David Wise’s then-wife Mandy Boardman felt something was “off” when she discovered rogue eye droppers around her bedroom and dissolved pill residue in her mouth. She also found that she’d get incredibly tired right before bed, according to LA Times reporter Matt Pearce.

But it wasn’t until she discovered video evidence on his cell phone that her husband had been drugging and raping her that Boardman confronted him. In an email, he acknowledged that yeah, he’d been doing a little spousal rape in his spare time, but that he was totally going to stop, since she asked. What a gentleman.

At trial, Wise did not confess to sexually assaulting his wife, but did admit having the videos on his phone, said Curtis, the prosecutor.
Wise also told the jury why he had been drugging his wife: “She was snippy and it made her nicer when he drugged her,” according to the prosecutor. Officials think Wise may have been using Xanax, but weren’t sure.


A jury convicted Wise of six counts of sexual assault.

And that’s where it gets really bad. The prosecutor asked that Wise be given a sentence of 40 years, which seems reasonable for a person who compulsively raped the unconscious body of his wife and recorded it. But the judge disagreed, giving him a 20-year-sentence, 12 of which were suspended and 8 of which were to be spent in “home confinement.” No treatment, no therapy, no community service. Fucking zilch. Wise won’t spend a single day in prison.

Believe it or not, it gets even worse.

Boardman, 36, is particularly outraged by what Marion Superior County Judge Kurt Eisgruber said to her in court.
“While the judge was giving his opinion on the sentence, he first turned to me and told me I needed to forgive my attacker, which is unfathomable,” Boardman told The Times. “He told me I needed to forgive my attacker and I needed to let my attacker walk. It was a punch to the gut from the justice system — or from one judge.”
The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the accuracy of Eisgruber’s remarks.

Eisgruber, when pressed, clarified that what he meant was that he hopes the survivor who was raped by her husband for three years finds peace and forgives him.

Wise is appealing his conviction. In the meantime, Judge Eisgruber is up for reelection this fall.

Here’s hoping Marion County, Indiana voters show better judgment.

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