Montana's 24-Hour Product Diary: Get Wit It Or Get Lost


My life is usually in shambles but by the time I leave the house, I usually look presentable, somehow some way. I’m a naturally sleepy person but I love going out, so I’m sure you see my problem. I let products like concealer make it look like I’m awake in less than a minute and also add a gloss because that’s really the only make up I can swipe on, on the train. Today is different, though: I got my ass up and got properly ready for my day.

Morning Moves

Like many people, I’m awakened by the sound of the alarm on my phone, even if it’s several different alarms set five minutes apart. Since I’m an intern and also not from New York, I stay with my cousin on her couch. It’s a blessing and a curse. I wake up exhausted and feel like I took a nap instead of a full night’s sleep. As I finally pull myself up, I scurry into the bathroom, hoping I don’t have something like a fake strip eyelash stuck in my hair because that often happens to me. I don’t know why or how.

I’m a product junkie when it comes to makeup but for skin care, I use the same two things almost everyday. When I hop in the shower, it’s just good ole bar soap, Dove’s sensitive skin soap to be exact. I’m probably the only human who uses bar soap since everyone’s into body wash.

If I was wearing a full face of makeup the night before, I use Bioré’s deep pore charcoal cleanser with a spin brush. I got mine from Marshall’s because who really wants to break the bank on a Clarisonic.

Next is makeup, my favorite part of the get ready process. On a typical day I only have time to do my eyebrows and add mascara, because I wake up way too late.

On my brows, I use ABH dip brow because I really like to be on fleek—an eyebrow pencil just doesn’t do it for me. I conceal them with the Make Up Forever Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream; a little goes a long way, and I’ve had this tube for like two years. (I’m sure it expired, don’t judge me.) For mascara I use Maybelline Big Shot because @makeupshayla had something to do with it.

When I’m feeling like I need to go the extra mile, though, I’ll do a full beat.

Now that I’m looking at my products fully laid out here in this photo, I notice I have a variety of high and low end products. First step to the beat face is adding some sort of primer; I recently ran out of my Maybelline baby skin primer but that’s what I use. I’m accepting suggestions for a new primer that controls oily skin, by the way.

Next I apply my foundation from Fenty Beauty. I love it because, as I said, my skin is extremely oily and it usually holds me over throughout the day until I have to touch up with powder. I use NARS creamy radiant concealer to conceal under my eyes and do that other t-shape thing on my face, that is also referred to as tribal marks, to highlight certain areas lost in the foundation. To set the concealer I use Makeup Revolution banana powder, and after that I bronze my cheeks and five-head with an e.l.f. bronzer palette, mainly because contour products can look harsh and want my jaw to look extremely strong.

Once completing all of that, I set my makeup with the Morphe continuous setting mist, which I love. This really makes so much of a difference and just snatches my face right up and transforms it into perfection.

Since I’m feeling spicy today I decided to add like two eyeshadow colors from my Moroccan Spice palette. To finish that look I add some falsies, which are from my local beauty supply store and were probably less than $5. Last but not least, I highlight with champagne pop by one of my fav influencers Jaclyn Hill. Finally, I add more setting spray because I want to be SET for the day. I will only have to touch it up once through the day, with my Make Up Forever pro finish powder.

Fast Forward To Night

After a long day of working hard at The Root, I go out for happy hour with my beat face because somebody other than the GMG employees needed to see the effort I put in this morning. I have a fruity cocktail of some sort, and truffle fries. Scrum.

After facing the grimy city of New York I make my way home, and the first thing I do—other than snatch off my bra—is snatch off my lashes. I just literally pull them off. I use a makeup wipe to remove the rest of my face makeup. I don’t use any specific wipes because I go with whatever is on sale at the time.

Unfortunately, this is how I end my day. Many of you probably want to know why I don’t grab some fancy Kiehl’s face mask, the answer is because I don’t want to buy it. I’ll properly clean my face in the morning with the spin brush and my cleanser and that should do the job. I don’t usually break out (knock on wood) so I don’t actually feel the need to scrub my face to death. Now I’m going to call it a night (on the couch of course), grab some ramen noodles, and turn on Gossip Girl.

Peace out.

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