Moose Accidentally Rings Doorbell With Butt


Like me in an Anthropologie, not realizing the dimensions of my own posterior and therefore backing into a large display full of felt Christmas ornaments, a moose was recently caught on TV accidentally ringing a doorbell with his butt in Anchorage, Alaska.

KTVA reported that when the Stultz family heard their doorbell at 1:30 a.m., they assumed it was a prank, before their security camera informed them that was in fact a moose butt:

After checking on their dogs and looking out the door to find nothing, Stultz assumed some neighborhood kids were playing a prank.
“We were thinking kids coming through playing ding dong ditch or maybe a neighbor coming through. We had no idea,” Stultz said.
So they checked their security system and were surprised to see a moose caboose.

Just a big old moose butt, backing right into their doorbell, then ambling off, much like me casually taking a couple books off the Barnes and Noble display table on my way to browse the cross-stitch books and maybe get a cup of coffee at the cafe.

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