Moron Politician Is Super Sorry He Called Congresswoman 'Some Bimbo'


A bitter (and, quite frankly, kind of crazy-sounding) California ex-Congressman named Joe Baca gave a super unhinged interview today after the woman who won a congressional election against him announced she wouldn’t run for reelection. He was mad. He was say-super-sexist-shit mad.

Baca, a Democrat, told The Hill a bunch of stuff about how mad he was at the Democratic Party, which apparently hasn’t been super supportive of him. But here’s the real choice part of the interview where Baca refers to Rep. Gloria Negrete McLeod in a way that a man in 2014 should not.

Look at what we wound up with: Some bimbo who decided not to run again. … Here we go again now with another New Yorker trying to tell us who’s going to be the representative of the 31st. It’s up to the people to decide.

After people were rightfully upset by Baca’s smelly old attitude, he apologized saying (through his foot, which must have been shoved firmly into his mouth) that his idiocy was the result of a “poor choice of words” and came on the heels of his being “disappointed” that Negrete McLeod wasn’t running for reelection.

But this isn’t the first time Baca’s allegedly engaged in some tragically poor word-choosing. According to Laura Bassett at the Huffington Post, Baca’s got a history of acting like a dick to women in Congress; in 2007, a female California Representative claimed Baca called her a “whore.”

Baca is running for another Congressional seat without the support of his party this year. Let’s hope California voters know better, lest the end up with some asswipe representing them in Congress.

Image via AP

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