Mortal Instruments: Yet Another Paranormal Teen Flick Based on a Book Hits the Big Screen


With Twilight out of the picture, studios keep fishing around for the next paranormal teen romance. As a book, Beautiful Creatures sold over 1.3-million copies in the U.S.; as a movie it was a flop: Budgeted at $60 million, it made only $19 million in domestic ticket sales. (The worldwide total is $57 mil, still a little below the the budget.)

Now we have The Mortal Instruments, a series of six sci-fi/fantasy novels set in New York and written by Cassandra Clare. Unlike Twilight, the heroine, Clarissa, has powers: She’s a “Shadowhunter” and can see demons and other things that regular humans can’t. The first film, Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones, hits theaters in August. Are you on board?

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