Moschino's Fall Collection Featured a High-Fashion McDonald's Uniform


Last night, Jeremy Scott showed his first collection for Moschino at Milan Fashion Week. True to the irreverent and experimental nature of the fashion house, Scott mixed high culture (Chanel-esque suits! Voluminous gowns!) with the low (McDonald’s, Sponge Bob and candy wrappers.)

Reviewers were quick to hail the collection as hilarious and ingenius, but I have my serious doubts. As a rule, I’m always skeptical when fashion tries to do “thought-provoking” forays into working class fashion. At best, it’s unoriginal; at worst, it’s remarkably classist and offensive (recalling that infamous Vogue Italia shoot, Scott has designed a tongue-in-cheek high fashion do-rag, which several models sported. Sigh). To me, the worst part of this line is the fact that there’s a look that’s based on a McDonald’s uniform. It’s in pretty poor taste to make a thousand-plus dollar dress that’s “cheekily” inspired by the uniform of someone who barely makes a living wage. Moschino dresses typically sell for up to $2,000, and a sweater from the collection is already retailing for $780. The average McDonald’s worker makes $1,105 a month.

Perhaps Scott thinks he’s lampooning fashion’s obsession with brand recognition or calling into question the notion of “good taste,” a la Franco Moschino. But the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any real social commentary in the look— just a desultory, attention-seeking dig at the fashion industry — is gross.

Here’s the rest of the line:

Images via Getty.

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