Most Americans Don't Want a Wall, Do Want Trump to Shut His Pie Hole


Time is flat and all that, but personally I am looking forward to the New Year.

Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • The first week of the shutdown has passed. Friday morning, Trump tweeted that he would “close the Southern Border entirely” if Congress’s plan to end the shutdown did not include funding for a border wall. This scare tactic did not work; both Republicans and Democrats seem unwilling to negotiate, which means budget talks could drag on into the new year. And yet a majority of Americans don’t want a wall, and also want Trump impeached or censored. [Politico, The Hill, The Hill]
  • Meanwhile, another migrant caravan may be coming to the U.S.; 15,000 people are expected to set out from Honduras next month. [Los Angeles Times]
  • As North Carolina was preparing for an election board hearing to determine whether or not there was absentee ballot fraud in the race for the Ninth District congressional seat between Mark Harris and Dan McCready, the state’s election board has dissolved. (Harris, the Republican candidate, appeared to have won, but no one was officially named the winner after allegations emerged that there was fraud on his side.) Governor Roy Cooper announced Friday that he will set up an interim board, so that the Jan. 11 hearing can go on as planned, but Republicans are likely to challenge that move, because they’re unscrupulous. [New York Times, Politico]
  • Victoria Escobar, an incoming Congresswoman from El Paso, says local hotels may not be able to accommodate the hundreds of migrants the city has received in last few days, given the influx of visitors also coming to the city for the Sun Bowl. [CBS News]
  • Some good news: Ohio’s “heartbeat bill,” which would have banned abortions after six weeks, before many women know they are pregnant, will not become law. [AP]
  • Don’t bank with Wells Fargo!! This seems bad. [New York Times]
  • Russia seems ready to throw Marina Butina under the bus, at least based on this Russian state-TV special. [The Daily Beast]
  • Ugh, great. [New York Times]

Here are some tweets the president was allowed to publish:

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