Most Expensive Beer Comes In Taxidermy Package

  • Scottish Brewery BrewDog are selling what they claim is the most expensive beer ever created. The beverage is 55% alcohol and comes packaged inside a dead animal. It also costs over $700.
  • On Wednesday, a federal judge in Connecticut ruled that cheerleading is not a sport for the purposes of Title IX. Quinnipiac responded with “disappointment” and plans to form a women’s rugby team. Women’s rights groups were a little less upset: “I think what it means for these schools is it should put them on notice that they cannot use competitive cheer as a way to undercut women’s athletic opportunities at their school,” said Lisa Maatz from the A.A.U.W. Though fans of cheerleading have expressed their anger at the “not a sport” ruling, other athletes would like to remind you that this is a good thing for women’s sports.
  • A journalist from an Italian magazine took hidden cameras to expose the activities of three priests as they attended gay night clubs and engaged in casual sex with a gay “accomplice” of the reporter. Panorama magazine described the encounters as “deeply disturbing.” Though they refuse to reveal names or details about the priests, the magazine swears all three are bona fide members of the Catholic church.
  • Oh, look, another article on how veganism can be used to hide eating disorders. Danielle Friedman at the Daily Beast investigates the restrictive-diet trend and its implications.
  • Alexander C. Grunke of Wisconsin has been found guilty of grave-robbing and attempted third-degree sexual assault – all because his brother wanted to have sex with a corpse. Nicholas Grunke was found guilty on similar charges last year. Cops caught the boys fleeing the scene with a box of condoms, which Nicholas picked up earlier that night at the local Wal-Mart.
  • A study of over 120,000 adults found that those who sit for six or more hours a day during their leisure time were significantly more likely to die during a 14-year period than those who sat less than three hours. Researchers also noted that the link between sitting and death was stronger in woman than in men.
  • A new book by Japan’s first lady Nobuko Kan, entitled “What On Earth Will Change In Japan After You Become Prime Minister,” includes a comprehensive list of her husband’s shortcomings. She writes that her husband, Naoto Kan, is good at off the cuff speaking, but has trouble reading prepared scripts. The book is being marketed as a “spicy tell-all,” and though it is unconventional, Nobuko has spoken before about his admiration for his sharp-tongued wife and her blunt honesty.
  • An Ohio man was taken into custody after he was caught signing for a 7-pound package of marijuana at the post office, Cincinnati police report. He faces two charges of drug possession and one count of drug trafficking. The court of public opinion has already convicted him on about a 1,000 counts of stupidity.
  • A man wearing a Darth Vader mask and cape entered a bank on Thursday and demanded cash from the teller after threatening him with a gun. He left with an undisclosed amount of money. Earlier this week, New York City police arrested a man accused of robbing banks with a bunch of flowers and a potted plant.
  • File this under why?: Nancy Pelosi and Diane von Furstenburg have teamed up to create some designer tote bags for the Pelosi campaign. Possibly pointless, definitely ugly.
  • Image via Gizmag.
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