Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? Is Getting a Remake—From James Franco


Let no pop culture anniversary pass without a commemoration! Let no beloved property go un-remade!

Vulture reports that James Franco is teaming up with Sony Pictures Television and—of course—Lifetime for a remake of the 1996 classic starring Tori Spelling, the Platonic ideal of a made-for-TV movie. Their sources say Spelling will very likely appear as the mother this time; it’s not clear whether Franco will appear in the movie.

Vulture also provides a little TV history:

NBC premiered the original MMISWD on September 30, 1996, as part of its powerhouse “Monday Night at the Movies” franchise, which in the mid-1990s successfully targeted Gen-X viewers (who were then mostly in their 20s) with titles about young folks in various form of jeopardy. The original telecast of MMISWD ranked No. 26 overall the week it aired, averaging 15.8 million viewers. Over the next two decades, the movie gained a cult following through repeated reruns on cable networks — including Lifetime.

Full, bewildering circle.

In the meantime, please enjoy this trailer for the irreplaceable original.

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