Mr. Mariah Carey, aka Nick Cannon, Has a New Pajama-Themed Song


Nick Cannon, that one dude that did a bunch of funny TV stuff and movie stuff but most importantly is married to Mariah Carey is releasing a new album White People Party Music, and uh ooohhhh, one of the tracks was leaked. It’s called “Pajama Pants” and it’s apparently about getting “it poppin’ in them pajama pants.”

While trying to figure out whether or not this was some type of parody song all while reconciling the fact that I was listening to it, it suddenly hit me. This is exactly the song that would come out of a comedian father of twins who is married to one of the greatest voices of all time. It’s the ultimate “I’ve given up so let’s get this party started already” song. Only Nick Cannon would have the bravado to repeat the word “pajama” in that triplet style reserved for “Versace.” Thanks, Migos. Knew I could count on you.

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